Hairdresser or therapist?

How not to blur the lines...

Hairdressers love people. That’s one of the big reasons why most of us entered the profession because we enjoy using our creative skills to make our clients look wonderful, and to help them feel good about themselves. It’s a very privileged position to be in, and we should never underestimate its power.

But why do many people feel the need to tell us even the most intimate secrets of their lives as soon as they sit down in our chair? What is it about the stylist/client relationship that turns us automatically into confidantes, therapists and best friends, at least for the duration of the appointment? And what should we do if we think our chatty customer is spilling just a little bit too much information, or if they want to continue their confessional after work and try to pull us completely into the friend zone? It can be a tricky situation, and if you play it the wrong way you could potentially lose a valuable customer.

Our new blog answers all those questions and gives some good common-sense advice about keeping your client-stylist relationships nice and breezy. You can read it here.

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