Watch out, hairdressers...

it’s a trap!

The great thing about working in the hairdressing industry is that we’re a fun-loving bunch of creative people. We love to share our ideas, our stories and our style with each other and the world. What carries us through is our sense of humour, and if you’ve ever spent a day in a salon, you’ll know there are plenty of laughs to be had. So we’ve come up with a blog to channel that humour into a subject dear to all our hearts: the traps that hairdressers spend their life avoiding.

That’s right, even Indiana Jones didn’t have to be as trap-ready as we are when navigating the tricky business of being a stylist. But fear not, the LHAA has identified the five main ways in which we can get ensnared by our haircare talents, so please share it with other stylists who’ll appreciate a good giggle.

Check our ‘Five traps that hairdressers spent their life trying to avoid’ here.

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