Why going 'above and beyond' makes all the difference

Like you, we’re passionate about the hairdressing industry. That’s why we’re proud to be a part of it, and why we’re so excited to be training the hairdressing stars of the future. And it goes without saying that every stylist should develop their technical skills to the fullest potential and that no matter how long you’ve been part of this wonderful profession you never stop learning.

But success doesn’t only require consummate technical ability. If you’re going to keep your satisfied customers coming back for more, and even being so happy that they’ll recommend you to other people, your customer service skills need to be just as finely honed. In fact, in this increasingly competitive marketplace, the ability to give excellent customer service – to go above and beyond to keep your clients satisfied – is more important than ever. And it starts from the very first moment the client walks into your salon.

As we all know, hairdressing is an industry unlike any other. When your customer sits in your chair, they are not only expecting you to make them look as fantastic as possible – they’re also placing a massive amount of trust in your judgement and your abilities. So don’t miss an opportunity to build that trust as quickly as possible, and to make sure it’s long lasting.

In our latest blog, we tell you exactly how to do that. And we even spill some of our favourite customer service tips and tricks.

Because not even a great haircut can guarantee your customer will come back – there are plenty of fabulous hairdressers out there and many more on the way – but making your client feel special, and giving them the kind of positive experience they’ll remember long after the appointment’s finished, will go a long way to securing their loyalty (and their repeat business!)

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