Overarching Statement

We, at The London Hairdressing Apprenticeship Academy Limited (LHAA) & The London Beauty Training Academy Limited (LBTA), are ambitious for our community and surrounding areas.

Our aim is to be a strong, dynamic, responsive Independent Training Provider (ITP) where the communities located in close proximity to our academies in Borehamwood & Elstree, Camden, Chiswick, Croydon and Loughton will rightly be proud of the organisation as a place where relevant and high-quality education and training takes place.

The overall organisation mission is underpinned by two key drivers, to which other aims contribute.

They are: 

  • that the Academy wishes to see itself as one of the key agents of skills development in the areas surrounding the local academies, an ambition which can only be delivered by enthusiastic partnership with those other agencies committed to skills development 
  • that its key role is to promote employability, meeting the needs of local employers for a technically proficient workforce equipped with the personal aptitudes necessary to acquire and to hold down employment 

In effect, the LHAA/LBTA commits to judging its own success by the impact it can make in providing the well qualified, enthusiastic, reliable workforce that employers and the local communities need for its economic and cultural development

Our Community

The Academy is committed to making a major contribution to the communities it serves both locally and regionally.   The Academy’s wider community includes:

  • Learners of all ages
  • Parents/guardians/carers and families of learners
  • Educational partners including schools and higher education institutions
  • Employers of all sizes and sectors
  • Funding bodies
  • Local residents, community and other groups
  • Local authorities
  • LEP’s

The primary way the Academy makes a contribution is by providing education and training for the benefit of its public.

Mission and ambitions

The Academy’s vision, as approved by its Director’s, is: -

To be recognised as an outstanding training academy servicing the hairdressing, barbering and beauty industry and to be the first-choice provider for learners and employers

We will do this by:

  • Making ourselves a partner of choice for those employers, agencies and institutions that share our ambition for the development of skills to support sustainable employment 
  • Providing outstanding value for money, in order to secure the Academy’s long term financial viability and its future as a key partner in the wider communities it serves 
  • Supplying the skills needed by local employers to grow their businesses, to employ more people, and to provide goods and services that are in demand locally and nationally
  • Building our curriculum around comprehensive pathways to employment, developed in conjunction with employers and allowing students to “step off” and “step on” at the most appropriate level 
  • Providing industry standard facilities, recognised by employers for their excellence and their suitability for employers’ training needs
  • Fostering a culture of high expectations throughout the academy, in order to develop in our students, the personal attitudes necessary to gain employment and to hold down jobs: ambition, reliability, integrity, adaptability, resilience
  • Maintaining our reputation as an outstanding provider of educational and personal support to individual students, in order to give them the very best chance of achieving successfully
  • Celebrating the rich diversity of our learners and the wider community by fostering a culture of inclusion, respectfulness and acceptance of difference across the college, where all students and staff feel highly valued and safe
Academy Values

We value the delivery of outstanding service; people committed to learner success; an environment which promotes equality, diversity and safety.   

Our values are:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
Measuring our Contribution

The Academy is confident that through the implementation of its mission and core values it will create a strong and dynamic Academy for the area.

Members of the public can assess the value added to the local community by the Academy through:

  • Ofsted inspection reports (when applicable)
  • Student and employer surveys
  • Published accounts
  • The public records of the Educational Board meetings

The Educational Governance Board of the Academy will review and update its Public Value Statement as part of its regular review of the Academy’s Strategic Plan

Academy Status

The LHAA and LBTA are private limited companies incorporated in England and Wales.


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